My philosophy

Come and take a walk with me. Here in the forest, we have access to clean air, wonderful views, and amazing flavors waiting to be enjoyed. As your guide, I will help you pick the tastiest berries, wild herbs and edible flowers. Although there’s nothing better than devouring a handful of freshly picked raspberries right at the spot, I’m also happy to provide you with simple recipes to take these natural flavors into another dimension. That is if there’s still something in your basket when you get back in the kitchen.


I grew up surrounded by boreal forests, which is why I’m really passionate about nature and everything it has to offer. Of course, the flavors of your forest might be different from those I have access to, which is why the recipes are not exclusively based on Nordic produce. Variation is the key to balanced nutrition, right? However, I do believe we should favor seasonal ingredients instead of wasting valuable resources in greenhouse farming, so stay tuned for information on the latest seasonal veggies and how to make the most of them! I will also talk about other ways to have a more positive impact on our nature – after all, it keeps us alive, so why not give something back?


Light side and the dark side. Sugar and salt. We need both for life to taste good, right?

I do love the sort of food that is labeled healthy these days. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be eating it. The point is, although the majority of the recipes are considered healthy and would probably fit in the ‘fit food’ category, truthfully I will cook and eat anything that brings me joy. Food trends change, new health benefits are discovered and current claims debunked, so as long as we retain some sense of moderation, there’s no single ingredient that will wreck your health. (Just to be clear, we’re talking about edible stuff now.) So here in my forest kitchen we will be enjoying a healthy, wholesome diet, including the occasional treat!

Food for everybody

Despite being ‘healthy’ – as in all natural and fresh from the forest or the fields, not all ingredients suit everybody. As your host, I want to have at least something on the table that you can feel comfortable eating, whether you follow a gluten-free, low FODMAP, or strictly plant-based diet. Every recipe is tagged with applicable diets, so you can easily search for e.g. gluten-free recipes by simply typing ‘gluten-free’ in the search field.

And when I say food for everybody, I’m not just talking about my guests but the entire world. It’s important to consider the origin of the stuff that we buy in the supermarket and the effect it has on the environment and people living around the production area.  This is why I attempt to make fair and sustainable choices every day.

Everybody’s welcome to enjoy the forest flavor! I have a lot to say, but if you just came here to admire the views and eat the forest fruit, feel free to scroll straight down to the recipes. And if you, too, have something to say, or want to have a chat about a certain topic, do tell me!