Foolproof Smoothies Part 2 // Celery

Good morning, world!

And first of all, my apologies for the long absence. It must be nearly a month now since the last update. I fully intended on blogging throughout the summer, but with several scheduled trips and summer festivities, plus a couple of spontaneous ones, I realized it would be impossible. So I made the decision to write the next post when there was enough time to make it a proper one.

Hopefully you haven’t missed me too much, and instead been busy enjoying the summer!

After such a long break, I thought it might be appropriate to kickstart things with another smoothie week! After sharing my foolproof avocado smoothies, I promised it would become a series. And it’s about time to get the second episode out, so here we go – my guide to perfect celery smoothies!

Celery Smoothies

Before you go all ‘ew, celery’ on me, listen up. After all, I have successfully served these smoothies for hardened celery haters, and received compliments. I’m not going to claim you won’t taste the celery at all – if you have lived your life avoiding celery in all its forms, your taste buds have probably developed into sensitive celery detectors that just cannot be fooled. However, there’s a good chance you will actually love these smoothies, despite the few celery stalks thrown in there.

Celery is probably my all-time favorite smoothie ingredient, and I rarely make a smoothie without adding at least one stalk in. So what I can say is that in these sorts of elementary level celery smoothies I do not taste the celery at all. And that is thanks to two other ingredients: banana and citrus fruits. These were the two basic ingredients for the avocado smoothies as well, but here they are important for different reasons. Although banana is, of course, essential for sweetness, the sweetness can be achieved with other fruits as well. Its main function here is to hold it all together. Celery is rather watery, so if you mix it with other greens, apples, oranges, and such, the smoothie separates instantly. There will be thick pulp at the top of your glass, and the rest is basically juice. So don’t forget to add the banana!

How about the citrus fruits, then? As I said, celery is a watery vegetable, both in consistency and taste, so add some lemon, lime, or orange to spice things up! It also balances out the celery flavor, and if you make a proper lemon smoothie like the one I’m about to share later this week, I dare say there’s a chance you won’t even taste the celery, thanks to the massive amount of lemon that goes in. There’s a reason they serve tequila with lemon, right?

Okay, so if you hate celery, why go through the trouble of putting it into your smoothie and then trying to mask the flavor? You probably know it already, but it’s healthy! Yay! This time of the summer, locally grown celery is very inexpensive and tasty, so if the thought of buying celery has ever crossed your mind, now’s the time to go for it. And these smoothies are probably the best way to get used to the flavor – who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love it like I do! Be that as it may, it never hurts to add something green into your breakfast routine, so do give it a go!

Today we start with the simplest instructions for building the perfect celery smoothie, but if you want to start safe, wait until tomorrow for the first complete smoothie recipe!

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Foolproof Celery Smoothie
Prep Time
5 mins

Making a delicious celery smoothie is easier than you think! Time to fall in love with this super healthy ingredient.

Servings: 2
The Base
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 banana (frozen if not using frozen berries)
  • 1 citrus fruit, whole or juice (zest if desired)
The Flavor
  • 1 cup berries or fruit
Optional add-ins
  • 1 cup leafy greens
  • 1 cup plant-based yogurt
  1. Blend together and serve!

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